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Salvia Plants

Legal Salvia Herbal Incense 

 Growing Salvia divinorum can be an experience that is difficult to some and the most enjoyable hobby to others. It is  a husbandry style of plant which means they need YOUR attention to be successful. If you have thought about growing then I suggest you keep reading. If you are planning to start harvesting in hopes of making your own extract or to resell the bulk leaf then I suggest you rethink that plan. If you want to grow just to grow it then GREAT, the amount a person might need for a personal experience and not needed to provide any for others would be fine with a few sage plants growing. Depending on your climate, your harvest may not adapt to the humidity levels among many other variables. There are more and more getting into growing indoors and outdoors BUT it can end up being a full time job, so if your end goal while growing a plant such as this  is to produce bulk to make extract then I would suggest simply buying the extract through us because after the expenses to setup a grow room would far outweigh the ability to make your own extract from harvesting on your own. Leave it to the pros and enjoy the quality extract that we can provide after years of trial and error during our extraction process.

It is now at it's stage where there is a need to specifically know what is the quality of the leaf to avoid deception from its sellers.  Since this plant is in demand for those people who are acquainted with it.  It is an unusual visionary herb, it's dried leaves are either smoked, or chewed.  It belongs to the species of sage, which an approximate 1000 variety of genus and a member of family Labitae.  Salvia divinorum means "Safe of Diviners".  The plant creates an intensive meditative state of awareness when taken in the right time, right place and with pure intention.  This is very useful in meditating, self-reflection, and even healing.  Leaves of the plant has it's special effects on it's users that can't be compared with.  Because of its very unusual effects, many people tried and others want to try to experience the effect of it.  Thus there is also an increase in the number of businessman that want to sell this. It's known because of its leaves.  It's the leaf that contributes to the enhancement of mediation and healing. Leaf has an unusual deep serration in its edge and has an oval shape.  Its stem is a green hollow, thick and square in form,  But  eventually its stem can break or bend it is grown too high.  Generally, its color is emerald green but some-times due to different weather or climate, it's color becomes yellow green or completely yellow.  It's leaves are covered with fine hairs that make it look like satin when strike with certain amount of light.  It is a house plant, meaning you can put it inside your house.  This plant can grow every year but must not be placed where it can be possibly frozen.  It cannot grow also when the temperature is to high.  You can grow it either indoor or outdoor.  If outdoors, make sure it is planted in a pot where you can easily displace it if ever the temperature outside is very cold (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit)  or very hot.  It should be well watered and the environment is humid.  The plant can also easily grow if the soil has high humus content.  Once you observe its leaves becoming slightly sagged, immediately water the plant.  Never wait for its leaves to be completely limping.  It's pot should have enough space for the plant to grow well and have holes below.  Your plant is vulnerable to  insects like aphids and scale insects.  You can also apply fertilizers.  Consulting with an expert on the proper way to cleanse yourself with the plants, specific fertilizer and how to eliminate insects or pests.  The extract is very sensitive with a variation of lighting conditions.  You can expose it to sunlight partially.  It can survive sunlight as long as it is well watered nothing that the soil must be always moist. When gardening, you just need to follow some simple instructions.  You can then pick dried leaves and fallen branches,  if you want to experience its effects or let a salvia leaf be dried before smoking or chewing it. 

The plant has been tagged as a sacred religious plant that has been widely used by the Mazatecs in religious rituals and healing.  Accounts on the spiritual aspect of this plant have greatly been covered. A few effects of the plant should be noted, it causes parallel states of consciousness, feeling of peace and insight, positivity, ect. Due to internet sites selling the herb, information abut the plant has become widespread.  Some claim healing in terms of personal life, giving testimonies about them feeling more positive and peaceful towards their family and friends.  Some have given accounts on the spirtiual journey that they discovered with the use of it's inner workings.  They have opened their sub-conscious and found a realm which they would not have seen if it werent for the plant.  These and more are some cases reported about the usage.  A feeling of lightness is brought about by users have testified about the spiritual trip that opens the mind and relases all doubt.  It is greatly used for this purpose, to bring out proper well being and body soul world connection.  It release pure happiness and a state of wellbeing.  It is not to be confused with LSD and other psychoactive drugs, since the main effect of that is for people to experience trips for the fancy of their minds.  This herb although psychoactive in nature does that in a realm of positive and spiritual experience.  Many if not all have concluded that it's species has helped researchers attain a positive and spiritual experience.  Aside from these effects, some have stated the plant can help cure diseases aswell.  Now, it also is used in the treatment of depression, chronic pain, headaches, and Alzheimer's disease.  There is much research put in this herb with regards with what it can do medically for society.  The discovery of this drug has led to breakthroughs in the medical realm as well as spiritual. Through much debate over its legality has been overseen, the plant proves to be more beneficial than harmful.  Around 1.8 million people have been reported to use extracts from the plant, and continue to use its leaves for a number of purposes.  May it be for spiritual cleansing or for medical reasons, the  plant proves to be a subject of mystery. A new awareness can be achieved from this plant. It wasn't used by ancient Mazatec's if it didn't bring spiritual enlightenment to them.  At the far corners of the world, it is amazing that the discover of this plant has taken a surge in research developed works.  Other types of psychoactive drugs do have medical treatments that go with it, but are much too intense and greatly abused, and never brought sense of wonder after the trip.  The Salviadivinorum plant is a wonderful creation of nature, that leads one to undiscovered and unparalleled feeling of a new, energized and refreshed being.

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For a long time, it was believed, salvia divinorum is propagated by cuttings and not by the seeds.  This was because it does not produce viable seeds, but this was latter proven to be a bluff. The plant is able to produce seeds, although it is very hard to grow them into salvia plants because the seeds have a low survival and low germination rate.  Since the seeds are very fragile, it is important to keep them viable for the longest time possible.  To be able to do this, the seeds must be kept in a sealed container.  This container must always be kept dry. Also, refrigerating the seeds of this plant will significantly extend the viability of the seeds. When planting the seeds, it should be remembered that they should be planted two to three millimeters deep in a potting mix with high quality. This is approximately 0.08 to 0.1 inch.  The manner of watering the seeds is very important, since you have to take extra caution so as not to dislodge the seeds.  Usually, the tiny seeds are close to the surface of the soil, so watering should be done from the bottom.  

As for the surface of the soil, you should make sure that it is kept moist, but not to the point that it becomes soggy with water.  The first few weeks will require plenty of watering, but eventually you may only need to water at least twice a week.  You will know if the seeds are viable when they start germinating in about two to four weeks.  In general, the delicate seedlings grow slowly at first, so it is necessary to meticulously take care of them.  As the plants grow, they will become less fragile and stronger. The seeds can be grown in your flower garden or even indoors, as long as you patiently take care of your plants.  When planting your seeds, make sure that you keep them ten to twenty inches apart from on another so that each plant will have a place to bloom fully. It is advisable to grow and propagate the plants so that new strains are able to be grown, especially since most saliva plants are propagated from cuttings and thus end up being clones of one another. When you plant the seeds, make sure that you add fertilizer to your soil.  As time goes by, you may only need to put fertilizer once a week.  Your fertilizer once a week.  Your fertilizer can either be organic or chemical.  You can also use mulches for your plants, most of the time you do not have to worry much about pests destroying your plants.  These plants are usually pest-free, but if ever you encounter a problem regarding this, you can make use of fungicide to treat your plants. Weeds should also be removed so that your  plants sprouting from the seeds will grow properly.

Read More On Salvia Plants Medicinal Benefits

The plant originates from Sierra Mazateca in Oaxaca, Mexico where an originating tribe, the Mazatec still use it for divination and healing purposes. Along with its divine purpose, it also is prescribed as a diuretic, also has the ability to cure anemia, diarrhea, forms of rheumatism, and even the common headache.  It may also be used to cure a mystical disease called swollen belly. Salvia Divinorum was studied and documented by Jean Basset Johnson in  1939 in his studies regarding Mazatec religion.  He then wrote down his own experiences which later act as its first real documentation.  Daniel Siebert then identified the active ingredient in the plant and supported its psychoactive claims. 

There is no documented history of the plant, nor its origins remain unknown to most.  Some have said that it's know to be a wild plant native to the area and botanists have not been able to point out where the plant is a hybrid or cultigen. To date, it is slowly making its way to the market with the rise of internet sites selling a potted 6' ft plant, dried leaves, extract and other preparations.  There have been no incidents of slavia concerns related to medicine such as overdose, of the mystical herb. Much sensation was roused by founder of LSD Albert Hoffman started to study the plant has been known to not exhibit the same effects of the latter. Some effects that have been associated with the plant include a mor heightened insight, better mood, a feeling of tranquility, and even a magical likeness to nature.  These so called spiritual effects should be targeted to those who will use it for religious purposes.  Some have claimed that through the savlinorin-a, derivatives of the cure of HIV an cancer can be taken.  Researchers also show that it can help in the treatment of  symptoms of Alzheimers, depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain and addiction to other dangerous substances. 

It has suffered much controversy and speculation from the world, though it has not been widely known to the public.  Some sources have mentioned its benefits spiritual, therapeutic and medical uses.  Though some have argued for its termination and an overall ban since youngsters have been known to try  and abuse the product.  Some have argued for its benefits. The world has yet to know what the plant can do because most researchers believe it still has not reached it's untapped potential. With the surge of the green revolution and people going organic and saving the planet, it is an effective alternative to what we are used to in medicine.  There is high hopes for its survival much more for its use in the medical realm as well as psychological.

How To Use Dried Salvia Leaves For Maximum Potency 

Some people who make use of Salvia frequently may want to grow their own crop and process the dried leaves themselves.  What is great about these dried leaves is that they can retain their potency for a long period of time, years in fact, if they are stored properly in containers that are light proof.  Learning how to dry it's leaves is a must for people who want to experience it's highest potency effects. There are six different ways on how to dry the  leaves.  The first method is done by simply waiting for dried leaves to be shed by your  plant.  That way, you do not pick the leaves and deprive the plant of leaves that is probably needs to grow.  Once the leaves are shed, you have to place them on a plate or any flat surface is a low humidity environment.  Turn them every now and then, and once they are dry, you can store them in a container away from light.  There is also no guarantee that once the leaves shed, your plant will still be in good condition. 

Another method is to make a tobacco out of the salvinorin, which is done by picking the leaves and stacking them.  Once it has pile dup, you need to cut them into half centimeter strips then pile them into a plate, making sure to turn them twice daily until they become dry but not crispy. The next method is done through drying the leaves. It perfroms as a food dehydrator. What is great about this is that the leaves are dried in a quick way.  Dry the leaves until they are crispy.  However, you still have to buy a food dehydrator in order to use this method.  If you want to use something that is readily available in your kitchen, you can try drying a batch of leaves in an oven.  Put the temperature  in no more than 175 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can also create dried salvia leaves by using the microwave.  However, this is less convenient that the food dehydrator and oven, since you have to dry the leaves 10 seconds at a time, and keep on checking them until they are dry enough to be stored in a light proof container. Finally, the last method of drying leaves is through the use of calcium chloride.  What you need to do is place calcium chloride in the bottom of a polyethylene container.  An aluminum foil is placed on top of the calcium chloride, but make sure that the foil does not touch the chemical.  You then place your batch on top of the aluminum  foil, also making sure that the leaves do not touch the calcium chloride.  Seal this setup, and you will have dried leave in two days.  Though the process may be little taxing and slow, you can be  assured that your batch is thoroughly dried.  The key here is to keep the dried salvia leaves stored in a jar away from the light, and you can be assured that the leaves potency will be retained for a long period of time.

A Few Simple Tips In Sprucing Up Your batch!

Originating from Oaxaca, Mexico, the herb can also be grown in your backyard, provided that the climate is your area is conducive for the growth of salvia divinorum.  Since it is a semi- tropical perennial plant, it can grow during any time of the year, as long as it is not exposed to freezing climates, if the condition allows it, this plant grows up to several meters high. It leaves are usually large and colored emerald green, though there are instances when they are yellow. The place where the plant should grow should be partially shaded.  In fact, the plant can be grown indoors.  In addition to its healing properties, salvia can also become a beautiful ornament in your home.  Make sure that the soil where your  plant is growing, is watered daily and well drained. Too much water can rot the soaked roots and kill the plant. The  plant grows best in areas with a humid, semi-tropical climate.  However, this does not mean that those living in cooler or hotter areas cannot grow: as long as the weather permits, you grow your harvest outdoors.  However, you have to take extra care of the plant by protecting it from the cold, watering it frequently, and misting it when it is not too humid.  A weather that is to hot or too cold can kill the plant, thus it is advisable to grow your batch in a large pot so that you can bring it indoors during the winter, and outdoors during the summer.  If you are growing your plant indoors, make sure that you bring out the plant when it is raining so that it can wash away the mineral salts that are building in the soil.

Just like most plants, the herb also needs to have fertilizers.  You can make use of just about any general purpose fertilizer, but the organic fertilizer of choice would have to be fish emulsion.  However, this fertilizer has a pretty unpleasant odor, so it is not advisable to use it if you are growing the plant indoors.  You can also make use of chemical fertilizer products. As for the lighting, a few hours of sunlight a day is enough, although you have to remember that it should be kept partially shaded.  You can also place it beside a window if grown indoors. There are pests that might attack your plants, such as white fly, aphids, caterpillars, spider mites, scale insects, thrips, and slugs.  Most outdoor pests can be shooed away using a garden hose.  Spray water on the leaves hard to drive the pests away, but be gentle enough so as not to damage to it's leaves.  Always pay close attention to the underside of the it's leaves, since they are often neglected.  If you want to propagate each plant, you can do so by rooting it in soil or in water, since they seldom propagate by seed.  If you have the time and the patience to take care of the herb, why not try to just keep the plant in your backyard instead of purchasing them from other sellers?

White Sage Plants And Green Salvia Gardens 

Each sacred plant has been known to alter consciousness in the form of spiritual enlightenment and healing.  In using this plant, there are a few things to consider.  First, the right dosage should be used.  The last thing one wants is to use old stale dried leaves.  Always find a high potency and quality leaves which you can get from a supplier.   Experts have recommended using regular non - fortified leaves and some will recommend starting with an extract fortified product.  Start with a more potent product since this will allow you to enjoy your first experience.  When using a poor quality product, you run the risk of being highly disappointed in the end. While some may advise growing a harvest as a start, this may be too risky because a first time user does not have the ability to know whats the proper feeling of enlightenment, much less how to plant it.  It has time and effort written all over it, and again it may end out to be a disappointment if the user does not grow a healthy plant. 

The right time is also supposed to be measured, since the plant "salvia" is not a drug in itself. It is a herb that you use for spiritual awareness and for growing a conscious state of reality.  It is not to be used as a recreational type of drug, because this herb is much more than that.  The user must be in the mood for such an experience before he takes the herb. It is not the type which you can just use when you want to.  There has to be an elevated mood for this type of herb to be used, this of course is upon user discretion. Experiencing salvia is off a totally different dimension, it may be soft and peaceful, enlightening, and pacifying.  Colors can be experienced as well as shapes and patterns and it may be totally psychedelic.  It may last only for a few minutes.  The trick of this is to embrace the experience. Once one has hesitations and reservations, the experience becomes totally worthless and a waste of time, effort and money. The music also must fit the mood, type of soft music should be used to induce the experience.  It is a one of a kind breakthrough and should be respected.  This experience can never be induced by any other drug of its kind, ts not the typical hit of any psychedelic drugs, this one has benefits.  It makes one aware of this surroundings making him at peace with himself. The proper dosage depends on the person, and the intensity of the herb varies.  No one has ever been reported of over dosing in salvia, so it should not be a problem.  Most people feel that the problem exists in it not being to strong for them.  Then take a higher dosage with more potency then that should do the trick. Each plant has this kind of effect on people a spiritual journey and enlightenment like no other plant....

Salvia Divinorum Experiences ( How To Take Salvia Divinorum ) 

How can Salvia Divinorum change one’s life? This question seems to be increasingly popular amongst psychonaut adventurers.  There have been extensive studies which show the plant based hallucinogen and how it affects the brain. Although we are eminently advanced in the technology of our time, researchers remain confounded as the effects do not describe exactly where the plant originates. Yes, we know the plant is grown in the Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca, Mexico. But is it only a coincidence that every user experiences the same enlightened effects, the feeling of astral navigation, visiting other dimensions and meeting giant alien entities. The question quickly develops into something more complex, why does it present geometric patterns and immense feelings of euphoria to you? How could such a organic plant become so involved with space? A well-known theory as to why it projects such visuals and feelings, the plant crash landed here millions of years ago off an meteorite and became fertile in our soil and grew.  Can anyone explain the sense of enlightenment or spiritual high you receive from the psychedelics? The only explanation ethno botanist and scientist can give are due to the properties such as Salvinorin A. It is still a mystery as to how the plant produces such powerful effects. It also provides a number of health benefits, it has actually been scientifically proven the Saliva Divinorum properties have cured serious drug and alcohol addictions. Patients who suffered from alcoholism were cured after being introduced to the plant. 

For centuries Salvia Divinorum was medicine used for spiritual healing.  Consumers have stated once giving the plant a try their morals and goals have changed. They now see the world in a new way, what wasn’t important before is important now. Enthusiast claim it is the birth of your spiritual awakening. The key in opening your 3rd eye, the main ingredient is the dominant compound which selectively binds Kappa Opioid receptors in the brain. Every users experience is different from another as your lives are different from each other. By taking the proper precautions before diving in , please take these instructions into consideration. What you are about to experience is a spiritual herb not something you should do for fun. It is in your best interest to use it's sacredness responsibly. Have the proper care at hand, relax in a comfortable setting and focus your concentration on what matters to you. The plant will then take grasp on your visions and the emotions your body is giving to inspire inner change. For anyone to change themselves they must change themselves from the inside out. Your reason for wanting to experience something such as this, you don’t need a legitimate excuse but just know once induced, the plant is in control. Whatever you have been hiding and don’t want to face it's complex structure will unlock that door and everything will be unleashed. You shouldn’t be scared, if you are nervous then that’s good, it means your body is ready. Embrace this experience as it will change you for the better. You will be able to unlock your inner knowledge and take better control of your subconscious thoughts, wisdom will be casted into you and will see the world and it’s beauty. There is more to life than becoming extremely wealthy and only looking out for yourself. If you’re problem is breaking free from this material world then the solution is right here. The problem contains the solution.

Accustoming Yourself Into The Psychedelic Realms. ( Salvia Divinorum will take you there )

Many have claimed Salvia Divinorum has changed their life for the better. In a sense the sacred plant allows you to face your fears and overcome certain obstacles by changing the direction of your life, into the right direction.  What the Salvinorin A properties determine is extracting certain chemicals from within the brain, altering your mind state. Everyone is given a powerful energy which can lead them to be potentially great but in order to achieve this, it must be awoken first. Some discover this power by facing a certain event in their life driving their soul and everything from within to push the normal limit of the average person and become greater than what they are meant to be. Others spiritually search for this energy by using mind altering psychedelics to help guide and show them the way.  But it goes a lot further than just implementing the dosage, you must also learn how to focus and visualize your goals. This will also help enhance your spiritual journey as you will be pushing your mind into a deeper state of sub consciousness.

When under a psychedelic trance you are reprogramming yourself to think a certain way, to eliminate any insecurities or weaknesses you may have. It isn’t magic, it’s scientific fact, scientist have discovered you can rewire the brain to become a more efficient and productive being. It is far-fetched to think how you can mold and shape the brain to your expectations. If you think this can be done with your first experience then you are wrong. You must implement this strategy into your daily life, you will now when you’re making progress as every spiritual journey will become more meaningful. Shamans have used the plants ability to gain infinite wisdom, many researchers believe the plant was a major contribution in helping shape the architecture and building structure of the Mazatec ruins. Rather than wasting the extractjust for it’s  mind altering capabilities, the sacred plant also has ways of treating illnesses with it’s Salvinorin A extract. Testimonials of users have stated addiction and the ability to break other harmful habits. This statement is known to be true because the influence of your inner being is stronger than any addiction could possibly be. People from all over the world search for answers and reasons only they will understand within the mind. If you are new to the experience than I recommend intensively researching the sacred plant as it may not be for everyone. You must be strong willed and strong minded to endure a psychedelic journey that has the dexterity to change the outcome of your life. If respected properly then the plant will return the favor as such. I guarantee what you uncover will change your life, it will aspire you to live life differently and bring forth interest you never knew you had. It wasn’t until the last months of Terrance Mckenna’s life he really cherished how amazing it was to be alive, Salvia Divinorum and other various psychedelics helped him realize that. I strongly encourage you to try embark upon it at least once in your lifetime. You never know, a simple garden plant can change the course of history. Now living in the age of technology it is only one simple click away..

What Can Salvia Do In Seeking Closure On Past Memories ( How meditating can change mood and lower stress levels ) 

In a sense this question can become pretty difficult to answer. Many of our customers are curious as to what salvia can do to improve their lives. Besides expanding the mind and exposing the true meaning of life itself but what is the reasoning behind experimenting with salvia? I mean I’m sure everyone has heard their fair share of horror stories; however what if it’s the consumers fault for experiencing a bad hallucinogenic trip and not the salvinorin-a itself? There are a number of procedures you must take in order to have a remarkable trip.  Your current environment, atmosphere, the people who surround you and even how you feel that very moment are all play a big role in undergoing a positive, life changing experience. If you are not prepared and haven’t done the proper research than you will be one of those people who have a naïve perception about Salvia Divinorum.  Doesn’t it make sense not to rush into anything you aren’t ready for? The spiritual entity was meant for deep meditation, to spiritual cleanse the soul and allow oneself to realize the astonishing blessings in life.  Studies suggest guru’s and shamans were enabled to become such wise teachers due to the fact of psychedelics as they were able to view life in a more meaningful perspective.  Many cultures understood the importance and how it allowed each individual to better bond with the community. But even centuries ago, Salvia Divinorum was not an abused. It is a well respected plant which is still sacred in many cultures today. 

All you need is the right amount of curiosity to explore the mind and the rest will come to you.  Just remember to relax and embrace every second, the more you tend to fight back the more your body will resist the salvia trip and cause natural negative feelings to interfere, thus leading you down a detrimental path. Salvia Divinorum was not meant to scare you, it is just an organic tool to helping others explore the mind.  Just surround yourself with the right people, do your research, relax and embrace the meaning of life. There are no cases of death or addiction recorded. The plant is an organic which is produced naturally.  There are still many mysteries about and why it’s here. Researchers and ethonobotanist have been analyzing it's complexity for quite some time and are still in the dark as to where it came from. We understand where the plant originates but when deeply examining the plant the way it opens the mind and delays messages from spiritual beings and exterrestrial beings hurdle us back to square one. It may be never understood as to why Salvia Divinorum was placed here for us to discover but one reason is for certain and that is someone or something wanted us to know there is more to life than what we are told. Maybe it's  an advanced messaged from another race left here millions of years ago as a sign that something greater exist. As for now it will remain a plant with an intelligent design to try and help us grasp the true purpose of humanity. 

What Is Salvia Extract?

 It is wise to discuss the psychedelic notion of Salvia Divinorum and the ability in unlocking the source of knowledge. By increasing your dosage you will then go beyond the frequency range of normalcy. The plant will allow your mind to become fully multi-dimensional in creating and perceiving new ways of operating. Do not be dismayed if you do not experience a life changing journey from, your first time as it may take several trips to retrieve this level of enlightenment. Which creates a suggestive suggestible state which can facilitate certain types of therapy and often increases access to people’s subconscious, the images in their mind, dreams which they might not have been able to understand and assertive feelings you may not be aware of. Not everyone will use the plant in this way but it can be used for such a medicinal purpose if people took the time and effort to educate themselves. U.S government health authorities estimate there are about 350,000 deaths per year caused by tobacco. 125,000 by alcohol and this doesn't count the 50% of deaths related to alcohol by road fatalities and 65% of all murders. There are 14,000 to 27,000 deaths from legal medicines and over a thousand of these deaths caused by aspirins. Illments from caffeine kill up to 10,000 people a year but there have been zero deaths connected. It's purpose is not a health crime, you see the problem with the  plant is that it promotes social values and attitudes which are g in capitalistic market based society. A drug such as coffee with it's horrendous health profile compared to Salvia Divinorum is completely welcomed to the market place, to the home and lifestyle of modern people because, the people controlling this civilization value certain states of mind and fear and suspect others. Our society as we know it is based on entirely value systems which are implicated from above. If you don't experiment, you may spend your evening balancing your check book but if you do decide to take that step and explore the realms of the brain you may spend your evening contemplating the causes of the Greek Renaissance.  It's a perceptual enhancer, it's like a child seeing something for the first time, there's a little bit of that excitement about the visual world. It enhances the appreciate of music and graphic arts, many people have claimed to have a significant increase in their imagination and creativity. The real problem with using it responsibly is people don't understand the best way to experiment with the plant to gain it's potency gift. Because of uneducated users, the plant has bad expressions towards it. It is very essential to take the proper procedures in satisfying it in healthy ways. Not only for your sake but for future Salvia Divinorum enthusiast to come.

Meditation and hallucinations are completely different. Shamans and monks used the sacred plant for spiritual techniques, to reach a higher and peaceful level of enlightenment.  Then there is the interaction of the psychedelic state, which your only job is to hang on.  It’s like watching an atomic explosion from 50 ft. away, hanging on through all of it’s most mind boggling effects with your eyes being completely wide open. 

Dreaming Awake, A True Salvia Divinorum Experience 

The psychedelic experience is essential to understanding your humanness. It is simply prominent, as once you explore Salvia Divinorum it sets your agenda. We are told to blindly follow the rules, we are given boundaries and limitations. You are subconsciously convinced into believing this is your reality, it is the catalyst to push the envelope of creativity and language. It is personally fascinating to see how experimentation will change your life, how a plant can determine your true consciousness. It has provided a way to explore life, what this plant can do is extremely powerful which most people tend not to notice. When two powerful forces meet such as the ego and salvinorin-a, it allows you to expedition beyond the normalcy of existence. It will allow you to achieve a unique synthesis of extremity. It has been theorized that the use of psychedelics could have had a major influence on the advancement of ancient civilizations, which allowed the people of that era to become more specialized in academics, astrology and architectural design. If used properly, the aptitude of will relay messages in helping create a better life. Many would agree  the plant is a misplaced ancient technology, although a living organism it is known to hold the capability to communicate with estranged outer beings instantaneously in a very efficient way. The plant wasn't mistakenly placed on Earth, it has a meaningful purpose. If you are curious enough, have the will to explore the meaning of life extending further than what you have been taught then your mind will guide you through your journey. The application became known as it was mainly used as a medicinal herb. The properties make the plant very beneficial as it has been used as a traditional medicine for decades. Even in today’s society, families in regions which medicine cannot be reached or families that cannot afford generic medicine, Salvia Divinorum is used as a powerful substitute. It's  most undisputedly known for helping in treating cases with depression and addiction. It is nature’s grace, a gift given to humanity to allow us to experience something greater.  In simplest terms, it is classically a visionary experience. The absolute defining, characteristic is the ability to communicate with entities from other worlds. What is unique about this experience is what these estranged entities demonstrate. It seems as if the message these entities are delivering are from our ancient past or sometime in our future.  By allowing you to view some of the harsh realities of life, this becomes especially important as it allows you view it from a 3rd perspective stand point. It will analyze how you treat others and how things you may have done affected the way some people in your life have felt, you will view some of the harsh realities of life, this becomes especially important as it allows you view it from a 3rd perspective stand point. It will analyze how you treat others and how things you may have done affected the way some people in your life have felt. There are no words that can describe what you will experience, if you curious enough and the time in your life is right then Salvia Divinorum may be the next life changing factor to guide you into the next chapter..

Chewing Salvia Divinorum Dried Leaves ( Sacred Rituals  ) 

Although Salvia Divinorum may be considered a jagged substance, it’s purpose encompassed within our medical industry says different. Many reasons why the plant still exist in modern culture today is due to the fact that researches and ethno botanist are discovering the properties can help further our medical advancements. By conducting supplementary experimentations we can conclude the extracts such as Salvinorin A can be used to formulate new, organic medicines. The human body is able to entirely absorb plant resources better than any other chemical compound or GMO. To this day, researchers are still spawning new was for the plant to be used as it doesn’t annex a single purpose. 

For centuries Shamans and ancient civilizations used each extract as a healing tool, because of the technology of our time we are now able to further those establishments and compose new antidotes. What is most interesting is the authenticity, there are 1000 classified sage plants such as salvia, however, out of the 1000 known plants only salvia divinorum contains an astonishing  synthesis. It seems the more we understand, the more questions are raised. How did it get here? How was it discovered? What role of importance did it play in history? Some studies suggest the sacred plant played an important role in “The Stoned Ape Theory.” If you are not familiar with this theory, Terrance Mckenna has theorized; Mushrooms are some sort of an alien intelligence which crash landed here on an asteroid millions of years ago. This explains the reasons behind visualizing and communicating with an alien or entity. This theory ties into developing language and advanced architectural construction. However, this is just a theory. When examining what it's interaction was utilized for, it was clear that the plant served valuable medicinal purposes. Especially dating back a couple thousand years when people didn’t have the luxury of vising a hospital when ill. It's external use became a definitive substitute and took the place of traditional medicine. 

We need to think more broadly as to what else can the advancement of extract apply to? There needs to be more profound research before deciding to complete regulate the plant and dispose of it. There are endless possibilities of the plant becoming a medicine for people in 3rd world countries who are not able to afford health care, which can then be more accessible in regions where medicine cannot be reached. It can be used as a tool for the new generations to come, at The Best Saliva we feel as though it should not be viewed as a substance of psychedelic material to abused and experiment at parties. It serves a higher purpose, the plant wasn’t to be placed on Earth to be disinterested for it’s medicinal abilities. By taking the time to educate yourself on it’s history and how it can be appropriately used can be a life changing force. It is recommended to further your research before fully getting into it. It's existence will always remain a mystery, but one thing is for certain, it wasn’t placed on Earth by accident. For any additional, more specific questions you can contact via email or business contact through thebestsalvia@gmail.com. We appreciate you taking the time to educate yourself a little more on the proper use of Salvia Divinorum. 

Salvia Divinorum Can Be Used As A Tool For Spiritual Cleansing 

The appliance of Salvia Divinorum can be endless, whether you are treating minor illnesses, looking for a nutritional, organic plant source or are in search of a peaceful life and exceedingly  superb. Most would agree, there is a more meaningful purpose as to why the plant was discovered. How we decide to use, should it be demonstrated respectfully? However, the outcome of your experience is entirely up to you. It wouldn't hurt to thoroughly educate yourself on the background of an perplexed plant that strongly shaped the culture of an entire civilization. The majority of users tend to have a bad experience because they lack the necessary knowledge in which defines the plant's correct use. Once you understand the plants definitive meaning you will overall view the world as the Mazatec's once did. Salvia Divinorum was first discovered by the indigenous ( Mazatec ) people of Oxaca, Mexico. It's crops within the tribes made it a very popular tool among the Mazatec's. People used it's leaves in their cooking and extracted it's rich juices to heal the sick. Without the access to traditional medicine the extract became a valuable substitute. Secretly known to treat Depression, Anxiety, serious drug and alcohol addiction,  not to mention under the proper supervision, it's use has been able to help rehabilitate users back to normalcy. 

But what has truly defined it's legendary ability to produce the organic chemical Salvinorin-A. There have been thousands of Sage plants discovered; and classified in the mint family. Documented to become something more than your average plant once lit, It wasn't until the Shamans of the Mazatec's and local tribes understood the potential use of this plants capabilities. For the first time in history,  the ability of being able to reach a higher sense of enlightenment became possible.  Common methods used by the Mazatec's were often smoked, crushed for it's juices or chewed. Shamans of the Mazatec civilization usually chewed it's leaves. Smoking the plant can be a extremely intense for some users. Many users would claim this is one of the most pungent ways to use the plant because it instantly extracts it's psychoactive effects. Other methods such as chewing or crushing it's juices were mainly popular among the shamans as it was used in many religious ceremonies to communicate with sacred entities or beings from other dimensions for a higher level of enlightenment. Salvia Divinorum is also known in many parts of the world as a sacred plant. It's use was strictly for spiritualistic cleansing. We strongly encourage our customers to use Salvia Divinorum ceremoniously. This is not some sort of "party drug" meant to be abused. Please take the essential time to educate yourself on the history of the plants existence. By doing so, you will ultimately have a better understanding of it's astonishing benefits. You will truly perceive the world as the shamans once did.


Your Salvia Trip Is But A Portal To The Afterlife 

The sage plant which is primarily associated with Salvia Divinorum has been known to turn reality into science fiction. Many enthusiast believe the sacred plants contribution is in the form of a party drug. Although, this is further from the truth. It should be used in a spiritual and responsible way. For centuries different cultures, shamans and everyday people whereas rely on the land to survive used the plant for fresh herbs, medicinal and herbal remedies. The sage plant was the progress of the civilization, it may have very well been susceptible to forming new language, culture, ethics and morality. The majority of people who experiment truly do not understand the history of the plant or what it was really used for. As you have seen over the internet, people will jump right into it without having the slightest clue how large of a dose to consume, the mind state which you should be in and being aware of your surrounding. All of these factors determine the outcome. Some people have even claimed that the sage plant will strike it's victims when it wants to as it is very well a living organism and maybe more complex then what we are able to understand as human beings.

It's quite strange how common the effects of the trip cab be with each of it's new users, as each individual claims to have experienced communicating with a higher being or spiritual entity. The conversations are intelligent and inforamtion whereas you are forced to reflect on your life. Many have confessed of receiving ancient wisdom or a new outlook on life. Either way, the strangest things happen. It is a psychological plant that is a parrell continum that allows you to break through the sober realities of your everday life. I mean to explain this in a way that Shamans have viewed this interesting herb. It was used for medicinal purpose, this was the plants true meaning to help us visualize the world in a way we could not imagined before.  "Reality is made of language" greatly spoken by Terrence Mckenna who understood how to truly use it's ancient culture to his advantage.  It's unique in the most amazing way. Over thousands of classified sage plants which have been documented, only salvia divinorum contains Salvinorin-A. ( which brings you these ashtoning effects. ) It is recommended that you conduct the research before purchasing. By educating yourself on the history, how essential of a tool to primative times it was, you will then have a more responsive direction and frame of mind. This can be an extremely beneficial herbal remedy that will allow you to exercise your liveliness. If you are a beginner enthusiast, feel free to contact us with more detailed questions on what brought you here.  We can assist you by making sure that you are able to adapt to the plant in a responsible manner. The sacred plant has overall been an amazing discovering. The more we find out the more questions we have. What is the plants true purpose? How did it get here? Was it placed on Earth by accident?  Find out more by contacting www.TheBestSalvia.com via LIVE Chat Or Email. 


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