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Where Can I Buy Salvia Divinorum?

How to Buy Salvia Divinorum

True Diviners Sage

Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive plant and is one of the few legal substances that will stimulate the brain. Since the public has become more aware of the plant, which originates from Southern Mexico, because of the rise of the internet in the 1990’s, more people are selling and finally deciding to give the plant a shot. However, unless you are well informed on this plant, which is known to produce psychedelic sensations, meaning if you are a new user or have only experimented with it's effects a few times, you may be unsure as to how to purchase this plant. The only way to truly obtain the best plant (or plant extract, etc…) is to be thoroughly educated about it.

One of the first and most important factors to consider before making a purchase is pay attention to any laws or regulations concerning the purchase, use, and distribution of this plant in your region. For the majority of the world, the special hybrid plant remains legal; however, in certain regions, states, and countries there are laws and regulations prohibiting or controlling it's use. A few states in the USA have even made this plant a controlled substance. Therefore, it is best to know what is legal in the area you live in before you purchase this substance.

Another thing to consider is how you want to experience it's effect. As this can determine what type or form you will need to purchase. Generally, there are three popular ways of experimenting and they are as followed: Chewing and Swallowing: This entails taking a bundle of it's leaves and chewing them in your mouth, your mouth actually absorbs the properties of the plant that are psychedelic, thus swallowing the plant is not effective. Smoking: This entails taking dried leaves or extract and putting them into a smoking device such as a water pipe and smoking them. For the best results, you will need a very hot flame, hotter than a regular flame. Vaporization: This entails using pure salvinorin-a extract, or even the powdered form of the leaf to a very high temperature, which turns into a gas to be inhaled. Once you know how you will go about your new journey, you can begin your search for a online or head shop. This part in studying the process entails researching and comparing a few different sellers, especially if you are ordering online. You need to consider the companies history, reputation, customer service, delivery speed, and customer satisfaction. Also, to make note is the extraction process. A Crude extraction may be inconsistent in it's potency, will have containments (from the extraction product) such as tar, waxes, and even oils, and many crude extractions include types of toxic solvents, which have been known to stick with it's organic chemicals. Now, standard extractions are more expensive; however, they are also the purest and healthiest for you. With a standard extraction, there are not any chemicals or other products used and, moreover, you will always get good quality saliva with standard extractions.

Where Can I Buy Salvia Divinorum?

People who want to experience these astonishing effects and do not have any plants, may result to making a purchase iva online. It is known to have the ability to alter the mind of the user. For the Mazatec Indians in Oaxaca Mexico, this plant remains very sacred and is used when they are praying or healing someone. The intensity of the consciousness and behavior being altered depends largely on the way the plant is ingested, the amount being taken in or the difference of the individuals body chemistry. Unlike other drugs which also give visionary effects, it's organic nature is unique and doesn't inflict permanent damage on the user.

Because of its unique effects and its being safety to use makes it in demand to the community. There are many ways in consumption. One is chewing its fresh or dried leaves. The other is by smoking the leaves using a not lengthy pipe. Make sure you have a sitter when taking experimenting. You can also take salvia as a tincture. There is now available commercial extract online. When taking the plant as it's tincture form, you are going to measure one dosage of it and put it in a shot glass. Pour the same volume of hot water in another glass. Mix them together and quickly take the contents. Simply sip the liquid and keep it in your mouth until its effect is felt. You can touch the tip of your tongue at the upper part of your mouth so the tissues in your lower mouth will also absorb it's liquid essence. If you already feel its effect you can then either swallow or spit it out.

There are multiple ways in acquiring the plant. You can buy in your place if someone has it in this or her garden. If there aren't any available plants in your location, then you can simply browse the net and search for a website that distributes it's leaves, plant based form or extract. But it is better to keep in contact with dedicated distributors online. Compared with fresh dried leaves because during transport, it is possible that the leaves will be destroyed or something. What you need to consider in buying online is the reputation of the seller. You can analyze its reputation buy a contact phone number on the site, or how long has it been in business. From there you can draw out your conclusion regarding the reputation of the seller. After you have chosen where to buy then you can log in their website or contact the administrator. You will then fill up some forms for your application to purchase their products. Once your application is approved, then your product will be readily delivered to your door.

Induced Under The Effects Of Salvia And It's Psychoactive Ingredients

What could our shop possibly offer? The popular plant or the "diviners sage" originated as an entheogen from the Mazatec Indians in Central Mexico. Rediscovered by the modern world in the 1900's and introduced to the global audience in the 1990's the internet was one of the most, if not the single most, medium that helped publicize the sacred herbs wonders. And now, there are a few websites that not only attest to the diviners sages intense effects but also offer users high quality powered extract. With just a click of a mouse, one can order a variety of leaves, extracts, tinctures, ect. Varying in potency, there are dedicated sites which offer the harvest from different parts of the world. One can order a fresh harvest grown by the Mazatec people or leaves cultivated carefully in Mexico.

Others offer crude or standardized extracts varying in concentration and quality while also selling highly potent tinctures testified to have high concentrations containing active agents, such as salvinorin A. The plant has been, and is still being religiously by some, as an entheogen or a herb used by shamans or religious cults to induce visions and psychoactive sensations.

Now, some use it as individuals both in the spiritual and psychedelic context. The diviners sage has come a long way. It has been in many forms, from fresh leaves to modern tea, from powder to potent tinctures. However, the divinorum still stays true to its name. It still draws users to testify of its visionary effects which propel them into inspiring insights and dimensional spaces. The concept of our shop, either distributing online or a physical establishment, has helped spread it's existence worldwide. It has given the ordinary man a chance to tune into his or her inner spirituality. It has made salvia accessible, allowing both scientists and the psychedelic community to experiment with its form and effects. These shops also push each other to produce high quality extracts that have been purified and has a consistent potency level. In these shops, impurities in extracts are seldom seen, being removed in the extraction. They are more effective and are safer. They are also careful in giving instructions to users, especially the first timers, in how to use, depending on the method chosen, and how much dose you can safely consume. The shops remind the users to first be acquainted and educated with the herb before plunging into buying hoards of it. They even thoroughly discuss in precision, how much smoke or how strong each product is. They give step by step instructions and inform the buyers how sufficient each product is for a single user. More potent products like crystalline salvinorin A are not sold to ordinary buyers and are asked first of their purpose (scientific, etc.) before being sold one.

The new diviners sage tea is not yet sold in stores. If you are a buyer, make sure that our shop has properly labeled your order which has the purity and the quality of the extraction written on it, as well as the amount.

Salvia FAQ:

With the growing popularity, many online shops are showing possible signs of the permenate ban on itself. The plant is a will known antidepressant plant that can give users surreal experiences once taken. Found in the mountainous regions of Mexico and the South America and also known as the diviners plant can be characterized as follows. It reaches a height of 3 feet tall. It has white flowers with violet bracts and grows well in soil with fertilizers. Although the plant suffers from different kinds of pests like slugs, caterpillars and even white flies and aphids, there are ways on how to lessen if not eliminate these plant pests. One of the ways on how to lessen the pest is by spraying the leaves, the part which is usually infested by these pest, with water. There are different ways on how to use it to it's full potential. One of the more popular ways is by smoking using the leaves. The leaves of the plant are collected and grouped together according to its potency. It is said that to produce lesser smoke, one needs to look for dried leaves that are of higher potency. Other ways of using the plant is by chewing the dried leaves or by drinking the extract of it or by vaporizing it and sometimes by cooking the leaves. Whatever way it is used, there is still one occurrence that will happen in the end. People can suffer from delusions up to the point wherein it can become psychotic. There are different uses, it can be applied as a hallucinogenic drug. This is because after a user inhaled the smoked of this plant, they can experience out of the ordinary experiences like seeing surreal two-dimensional trees or even see flashbacks of their child memory or even sensing that they are in two places at once. Other use of this plant are as a cure of common ailments like cough, colds, and even sore throats. Some researches nowadays are even pointing out that the essence of the plant can be an aid in learning and later developing cure for terminal illnesses like Alzheimer's disease, even congenital heart disease.

With the following information is mind, many people are looking for ways on how to obtain the said plant. Those that have access to it are most likely deciding if they want to sell cultivated plants. But because of the popularity of this plant, many are abusing its power, though it is sometimes hard to pinpoint where exactly the users, for they are most of the times the so called individual experimentalist and not party goers. Because of this, many countries around the world are putting up laws that prohibit cultivating, buying, and selling of this plant. Some countries even demand their citizens and even foreigners to show validated prescriptions. Because of the said restrictions, many if not all the suppliers are careful to sell their merchandise unto the public. Keep in mind that those who are buying their extracted plants are authorized or have a business license to distribute. Not all people get to experience everything on this scale. It all depends how much is consumed and the sensitivity of the person using it.

About Salvia Divinorum & It's Rare Visual Effects

With the on going downfall of the global economic level, many people are looking for new alternatives for medicine. Some may result to innovative ways on how to get money-either by recycling old materials into new or by making new materials from other sources aside from the original. Others even look for other jobs outside their comfort zone just so to have food on the table as the day ends. Yet a handful of people or groups of people are looking back-that is back from the olden days-and mixing what they found out there and from what they can gather now, technology, to make new ways or products to sell in the market. One of these things is with the use of an ancient plant that dates back the time when divination is still a rave around the world. It can be found in the mountainous region of Mexico and can grow up to three feet high, with clusters of white and violet flowers. It is a cutting plant. That is, the plant is propagated with the use of cuttings, though it can be propagated with the use of seed, though very rarely.

Like what have been said earlier, many online shops are emerging. These online shops are selling different variations. Some sell cut plants ready for propagation. While others are selling dried leaves, with different extracts made using solvents such as ethanol or acetone that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is found out that the most common product currently on the market for sale is the so called 15X. This product is achieved by adding the obtained salvia extract from 4 units of leaf back onto one unit of leaf. Thus the resulting product is not 5 times as potent as compared to the original leaves used in making it. Other well known products are the 20X and 30X with the same analogy as the 15X ( herbal incense )

Although buying and selling saliva globally could be prohibited in some countries an States in the United States of America, many are still hoping to land a lucrative business with the use of this plant.

Is Salvia Divinorum considered A Party Drug?

It is quite an emerging market these days, many people are cultivating this plant for such purpose as smoking. It is used during the ancient times as an aid for divination and ancient healing. This plant is also currently well-known to have the ability to induce users into seeing and experiencing surreal things, like being in two places at once or seeing flashes of the users childhood memories flash right before their eyes, thus it is often than not known as a hallucinogenic drug. It is also used for curing several modern-age symptoms and diseases like colds, sore throats and even becomes an aid for congenital heart failure.

The plant is a three feet high plant that has white flowers that has violet bracts in them. It is normally found in the mountainous region of Mexico. It can be cultivated by the use of cutting, though very rarely through the dissemination of seeds. It's capable in being planted in any mixture of good commercial plotting soils and fertilizers. It can even grow in different kings of lighting conditions. There are different dosages and extracts like the 5x an the 10x, even up to 30x, that can be found in these online shops. Many of these suppliers and distributors are even selling cut parts of the plant for those who want to cultivate salvia in their own backyard. The use of the plant is said to be at the point wherein it is nearly abused. According to reports, there is a possibility of an increase of abuse among adolescents and young professionals across North America and certain parts of Europe. Although there is possibility of an increase, the alleged use of the drug is often that not found within the individual experimentalists as compared to other ways of using other types of drugs, Like LSD-as a party drug.

Smoking is the most well-known form. Different potency of the plants leaves is available to the public. It is said that the higher the potency of the leaves of the plant, the lesser smoke it will produces once inhaled. Aside from smoking, the plant can be taken orally, by drinking the essence, by vaporizing, by chewing the dried leaves of the plant or by cooking the leaves. Though, it is said that if the leaves are taken by cooking, the effects can be less effective as compared to smoking. Many countries around the globe and even states around the United States of America are now prohibiting the selling and cultivating of this plant. Some are even putting up laws that prohibit people to purchase the plant without prescription. Nevertheless there is still a variety of locations that still grow this plant and sell it, with the onset of the global economic crisis the plant has become a valuable too.

How To Extract Salvia

If you have been an enthusiast for a long time, then perhaps you are already considering purchasing wholesale products so that you do not have to keep on buying them at retail prices. While this may seem to be a good idea, there are things that you may want to consider before buying in bulk, so that you will be able to maximize the worth of your money. Before we begin, here is an overview; originating from Southern Mexico, the herb is known for its psychoactive properties. Since this is the only legal way to get high, a lot of people are getting interested in purchasing it. The internet has become an avenue for distributing products, and unless you are an experienced enthusiast, you will probably need a guide to lead you to finding the best way that you can find high quality extract.

The first thing that you need to consider when you want to purchase wholesale is the law governing the usage in your select location. While most countries have already legalized it's unique use for medicinal purposes, it still pays to know the restrictions and clauses of use in your region. Because of the psychedelic properties, it is still considered to be a controlled substance, and as such there are regulations that prohibit the it's existence in certain situations. You can't just experiment with the sage plant in public, and you would not know that unless you become familiar with the law. Make an effort first to know what is legal in your region, so that you do not regret purchasing products in bulk.

There are different ways to make the plant work for you, and so its is important to know beforehand what method of ingestion you feel most comfortable with. One method is the chewing of dried leaves. However, that swallowing the leaves renders salvinorin, the active ingredient, inactive, so the key here is to just keep chewing the leaves and let your mouth absorb the psychedelic properties. You can also choose to smoke dried leaves or extract using a pipe or a water pipe. Remember that regular flame will not work here, since salvinorin only becomes active when subjected to intense heat. Another popular method of ingestion is through vaporization, which involves turning the powdered leaf into gas to be inhaled. You can also make use of the pure form of salvinorin, but be cautious with this as it may cause more intense psychedelic effects. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the law and have decided on what type of sage plant to use, you should be able to find a seller who caters to your specific needs. You can easily research about them through the internet. It is advisable to select a few wholesale Salvia sellers and compare them, so that you end up buying only from the best seller.

The plant have been considered a highly potential candidate as a medicinal herb in the medical community. It has also been classified as the more exquisite plant of it's affiliates and breed. The name "Salvia" originates from the Latin language, which the Latin name has also been given to all of the other sage plants. It's most common name may be Tri-color Garden Sage, the authoritative name which it derives from is boldly known as Officialis tricolor. The Diviner's sage has become increasingly popular all over the world in it's recent years since becoming publicly recognized. The plant offers a potent feeling that is described as having consumed LSD and marijuana, it is also stated that can make LSD seem weak. It is also very popular for it's perceptual distortions, it shouldn't be abused as a party drug as this is not the plants purpose. For centuries ancient shamans have been closely in touch with the plant for an all-natural, organic spiritual healer. Studies have been conducted all over the world and it has not been yet proved to be harmful in short term or long term effects. Although users should understand, by smoking any substance, such as marijuana, tobacco or salvia can be damaging to the lungs due to the inhalation of smoke. The plant is used for it's psychoactive effects, with the right dose, the individual which has consumed it's properties will journey on a produced unique state of mind which also can be known as "Divner's Hibernation." The plant has been used in traditions for centuries, the true nature is known to be used as a sacred medicine by shamanic healers. The plant is primarily used in a ceremonial sense where these shamans felt it was necessary to travel into the supernatural and endeavor the true cause of their purpose in this dimension. As being an essential medicine used on sick patients, limited to the technology of their time, ancient shamans didn't have any advanced medical instruments to diagnose any sick patients. Ancient shamans used each plant to deliver profound visions of ecstasy which helped patients who suffered from internal diseases. The practice helped determine the causes of illness. The plant can be easily propagated, researchers are astonished as how such an amazing herb can be grown in your own backyard garden. This just goes to show you how natural the plant can be. It doesn't consist of any synthetic supplements as the plant is purely grown from the ground. To grow a plant, could take anywhere from 6-8 months depending on the type of breed you are growing. If you are in a hurry to try the amazing herb then www.TheBestSalvia.com can fulfill all your psychonaut needs. We have perfected our extract for highest potency and best quality. You will receive high potency results with every order. We all include a bonus gram, depending on the quantity of your order the bigger the order the bigger the bonus! To state again the plant has been known to make LSD seem like a weaker substance, so please take extra precaution when embarking on your journey. It is always best to surround yourself in a comfortable setting with people whom you trust. Meditate, relax, focus on what is important in your life and our organic extracts will embrace you in a positive manner. The article you just read was a small informational segment on plant use, as the trip will never be fully explained. You are the only one who will be able to answer the questions you have been chasing.

Please use Salvia Divinorum responsibly. The more you research, the better the trip!

Salvia Divinorum is a hybrid plant which originates from the mint family. The plant can often be found harvested in Oxaca, Mexico. The plant doesn’t grow from seeds, it grows from fallen branches of the plant itself, which then grow into roots. The plant was originally introduced to the new world by ethoobotantist researchers. It’s said that researchers were actually on a quest studying different mushroom families until stumbling upon a mysterious plant. Although it became imperative, the plant remained a mystery for the first several years from it’s discovery. When Daniel Siebert first began extraction, it lead him to accidentally come across residual hallucinogenic properties within the extract. Daniel decided to experiment with the substance before deciding to quickly scrape the experiment. Daniel embarked on one of the most extreme journeys as the dosage he consumed consisted of 70%-80% pure Salvinorin A.

The plants existence spread like wild fire throughout the scientific community. For centuries Salvia Divinorum survived in the jungles of Oxaca, Mexico and was finally going to be brought to the United States to be further studied. The results which were discovered were astonishing as many medicinal properties were found. Even addicts who have claimed to suffer from drug addiction for years have stated after exploring the plants medicinal benefits, the feeling of anxiousness and other withdrawals faded away after some days. The sacred plant is most popularly known for it’s mind altering effects, to reach it’s full potential please remain in a dark, quiet and controlled environment. This will allow the body to adequately ease the mind and spirit into the hallucinogenic trip. If you are new to the experience then it is recommended to have a care take of some sort to watch over you. This can be someone you trust such as a good friend. Studies show users which have a 3rd party involved tend to embrace the trip more comfortably.

The effects can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes, effects can vary depending on the user. It also know to be non-addictive. The chemistry which makes the plant so potent will not show up on any drug test. If you are based in a legal state or country which deems Salvia Divinorum to be legal than you will not encounter any problems. Unless the lab is specifically looking for any Salvinorin A traces but this is not something that is usually conducted in an ordinary drug test.

The view on the plant is projected to be an essential meditation tool as yogi’s, gurus, Mazatec’s and Buddhist have implemented the use of the plant in various meditation techniques. By taking the time to clear your thoughts and meditate for a minimum of 20 minutes your trip will become more symbolic which will allow you to gain deeper insight rather than just using it as a party drug. In other cultures the salvia extract is considered as a sacred plant used for shamanistic rituals. If you handle this in a responsible manner and treat the culture of the plant with a sense of respect than you will receive a beneficial gain and truly understand the importance of life. For a better understanding you can contact ‘TheBestSalvia’ and we will answer the question to the best of our abilities, any inquiries will be responded to within 1-2 hours of being sent.

How To Do Salvia Divinorum ( Respect, Meditate, Embrace )

The structure of the plant is very unique, out of the thousands of classified Sage plants that have been discovered, Salvia Divinorum has been the only organism recorded to contain mysterious extract properties such as Salvinorin A. Many researchers and ethobotanist believe more intensive studies should be examined on the plant to better understand it, rather than quickly analyzing the plant and recognizing it for it’s “party drug” image. There are astonishing benefits which can be extracted. As we further advances into the new age we now have the proper technology to create a vitalizing medicine with less of the risk of experiencing any negative side effects. We believe by further developing it's chemistry, it can provide cost efficient, universal health care. Now families in 3rd world countries which suffer from illnesses such as OCD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, schizophrenia, sleep disorders and bi-poloar disease and other various illnesses can harvest the plant to start propagating it to become better accessible among regions which lack synthetic medicine.

The plant has also received attention from Terrance Mckenna, a very popular ethonobotanist and psychonaut. Terrance has expressed his awareness on the plant as a mind bending portal which spiritually induces the body to awakening the 3rd eye but experiencing such realistic, vivid, astral navigation effects isn’t the only thing he was interested in. He also saw ideas and thoughts in a different light. Which could very well be a key movement to changing an individuals mind in a positive way. Any worries or stress can be quickly wiped away as if your mind was an over cluttered chalkboard deeply in need of a clean eraser. Many would claim salvia is an eye opener in realizing what truly is important in life, how amazing it can be and what the future may hold. He also believed in the idea of psychedelic substances as being a multi-dimensional travel, allowing an individual to sacred entities and ancestors from previous civilizations. It is said to be the true form of spiritual awakening.

In many cultures the plant is know to be party of the persons daily diet. You will see improved levels of insight, inner wisdom, confidence, the ability to overlook minor problems and the reduction of stress. The mind altering extract is also known to allow you to communicate with beings out of this world, solving personal issues from deep within. The communication between these entities are important as they a key figure in guiding you through your trip. You may confront a haunting past, problems from old friendships, the plant is able to connect with a sense of closure and will give you the extra drive to over come them. It will not be long until Salvia Divinorum becomes banned worldwide, soon it will be a controlled substance and the opportunity of being able to experience ancient methods of spiritualistic rituals in the comfort of your own home will come to an end.

For additional information and more specific questions please contact us via email, office number or LIVE chat. We have a vast amount of insight and experience that we are more than happy to share with you. We just don't want you to buy our products but develop the necessary skills to use Salvia Divinorum as the ancient Mazatec's once did.

Man will always be simultaneously fascinated and frightend of the unknown

There is an interesting theory, which the Latin name translates into "Sage Of Seers." The definition to it's root word is "A person who sees." The observer. By prophesying the future industry to reap higher profits of knowledge. It is know to harvest vast amounts of wisdom and upload it to the human mind within seconds. You will leave every trip feeling more enlightened. It will enable you to travel to other measurements of the elliptical galaxy and become acquainted with primeval entities that will help guide you through your Salvia Divinorum journey. Centuries ago ancient civilizations such as the Mazatec’s claimed to have met extraterrestrial beings that helped them cultivate and accelerate their way of life.

The plant has the unique ability to help you reflect on life itself. As the Salvinorin A, properties go through your system it allows the subconscious mind to become highly active and redirect your focus. Any problems you may suffer from will finally be confronted, in other words the extract allows you to examine your life and come to a conclusive decision. Considered as a very sacred plant and should be used for spiritualistic rituals or deep meditation and cleansing. It’s purpose should remain for these causes only, it’s influence has been misunderstood by the public as some sort of a “party drug.” Which is further from the truth. It will allow you to think more clearly, any negative thoughts or downward spirals in your life will be faced and ultimately overcome. As human beings, we have the flexibility to adapt to our environment and become stronger than the source. How many substances on Earth are a potential candidate which will allow you to receive a deeper understanding of life. Do not be frightened of as to what you may experience but the plant is only is a naturally recurring organism that grows abundantly on Earth. There have never been any deaths, addictions or poisonings recorded, nor has it caused anyone to become insane. Most would believe the plant has the power to make you lose your mind but again this is further from the truth, it actually makes you sane as this material world is all just an illusion.

We know objectively, there is a better way to living your life. Since the day we are born, we intuitively grasp the ideal of following the right path. People have discovered the plant has helped many realize the true path of their nature; most will do what they have to do as they feel it may be their only option. Hopefully you will have the ability afterwards to expand your mind to comprehending the actuality of having the competency to achieving anything in this world regardless of what route you take. In cultures all over the world many believe the plant has a genuine purpose, it wasn’t created or placed her by mistake. It was meant to push the creativity and language of evolution and stop consuming culture while it is our destiny to create our own culture. The nexus of space and time of where you are now is the most immediate sector in the universe. It clears the mind from distractions, cultural diversion and open your eyes to the reality of being self-empowered. The position of this type of wisdom will dissolve the closed system of thinking which you perceive from magazines and television on how to direct your life and what needs to be done to improve yourself. Words to the wise, create your own roadshow.

Something Is Casting The End Of Time ( The notorious mind altering plant ) Salvia Divinorum

The syntax of psychedelic time indicates a new set of ideas that slightly change the way we perceive life in new modern world culture. Although a psychedelic idea, it is an element of infinite possibilities worth pursuing. The salvinorin-a servers as a bases in the implication of organic nature. For a more experiential sense, the plant is known to open up portals to other dimensions and meet entities from ancient periods of time. Many have claimed these key entities have an essential purpose in helping you understand the message of visuals being displayed throughout your trip. Here is where it gets weird, although they have never met before a number of people who shared the same trip, each user stated they were instantly teleported into a desert type region which seems to be described similar to Egypt. Thus, meeting a pharaoh which explains the existence of humanity and discusses the true power of being a vast entity with unlimited potential. What makes these mind altering effects so far fetched? Is it due to the fact it goes beyond coincidence, are these amazing trips intelligently controlled? There has been a lot of speculation in which the essence of it's background history makes it more than just your average garden flower. By deploying our feelings and searching deeper within the trip, we can reach far greater levels of meditation. We can predict novelty to what the world is becoming and it's evolving times. Once you have ventured into deep into world of sacred methods of hallucinogens. It becomes your own personal decision to enter the dialogue of the unknown and further pursue the bizarre.

The after effects of your experience will allow you to perceive life from an alternative angel, every little thing you have been taught was only to mislead you. The scheme in which society has played in convincing you the material world and what others may think of you is truly what matters. This has only been a distraction from the true meaning of life and one's authoritative purpose. Terrance Mckenna stated a meaningful analogy in which our brain is like a computer which is cluttered with applications. Think of salvia as a disk cleaner, cleaning out your operating system and removing any unnecessary trash, ultimately allowing you to process information more clearly. The process in which the plant reprograms the mind and body is called a spiritual awakening, this allows you to speculate about life in such a way it completely expands the mind. This trip can very well change the course of path you are leading as you will truly understand what matters.

Do not be alarmed as your body will adapt to the change and gravitation pull of your destiny, if you have stumbled across this site then it was just an awaited chapter for you to journey into. The psychedelic spectrum is a tool in personal development. The knowledge presented is activated through the body rather than the mind. Your brain is only a receiver as your true intellect is hidden from within. There is an intent of meaning which is held in every trip. Your journey will show you what needs to be shown, tell you what needs to be told and confront issues which seem to haunt you. It will bring a sense of closure to allow you to accept the true connotation of future to the human race of evolution.


Salvia Trips Lead Into Portals Of The Afterlife ( Alternate Universe? )

The secret is out, the plant can be used as a portal to the afterlife. The anxiety which is felt about the sacred plant does not make people insane, extremely violent, cause addiction, ruin lives or inspire you to become a criminal. It induces you with ancient wisdom by providing a different viewpoint on life. You are not a consumer for amusement but instead for the transformation of what you can become. For hundreds of thousands of years shaman’s understood the ideology and how potentially imperative the plant could be in shaping their culture. Ancient civilizations such as Mazatec's didn't experiment with the extract because it was something fun to do, it was simply used for medicinal purposes. It was an experience that had the influence in changing one's direction in life.

You become instantly plunged into an environment unknown to this world. It is not clear where you arrive, everything is made of crystal light and forms of matter. You are given a unique form of a message, what you will undergo isn't expressed in words, the emotion is indescribable. As you observe this, pay close attention because it is important that you understand. Do not give way to amazement, because you might miss what is being taught. It is the ontological transformation into a telepathic universe. It also expresses it's directive through an altered form of language, not through words but rather consciously observing and understanding the notion of the message through sincere emotions and insight. The experience is more abstract than any other psychedelic substance, it may raise the fundamental question as to what the plant may consist of and what it's simply composed of. The dynamics of this plant has the ability to look beyond evolution and the iconic model. If we can understand this aspect of ordinary reality then we can cease to enjoy the effortlessness of humanity. You have a unique chance to sync with Mother Nature and live in harmony. It is safe to say it's organism is a value changing hallucinogen. It opens up windows and new doors in your life, you will be able to expand and envision your place in this world. It is the quest into truly discovering your passion, there is an overwhelming influence into pursuing others expectations. How do you make sure what you are doing is what you really want to be doing? What permeates into your life? It is only logical to understand.

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