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Salvia Video

Salvia Video

 There are plenty of Salvia Videos online to look at but the only ones that really count are the ones that show what Salvia Divinorum is really about. If you want to educate yourself on Salvia Divinorum then watch the Salvia Videos that you see below. You will hear from many amazing minds who actually know more about Salvia Divinorum then most do and is why they are to be listened to instead of falling for these common Salvia Videos like a Salvia Trip Video. A real Salvia Video that would show the real salvia experience video completely would be productive.

 A real salvia experience video can shed light on the experience, the self exploration and everything that will come with a salvia experience BUT the salvia trip video, the salvia smoking video, the salvia trips video and even ones like the driving on salvia video are NOT productive for the salvia community as a whole.

 We need productive salvia videos to be posted online including your own salvia video clips and salvia experience video. A real video of salvia and its effects can show an amazing experience that doesn't have to look like some out of control teen acting stupid for no apparent reason.

 Salvia should be respected and realize that it can be a powerful experience that many are not ready for and those who think they are usually still are amazed by the personal journey that they experience.

 If you decide to make a video on salvia, please make sure to let people know about us here at as well as contact us if you include our url in the video itself and we will send you a special treat. We are looking for salvia videos that include our website url in the video itself BUT a salvia video that shows the true meaning behind the experience and not someone simply rolling around on the ground due to lack of knowledge of salvia divinorum and its potential effects.

 We would love to see salvia videos that have a person talking about their experience, this can be done by writing down your experience and or describing it after the salvia experience itself. What you see a person doing on those salvia trip videos is NOT the experience itself, it is a self journey INSIDE oneself that people on the outside COULD NOT comprehend simply by watching or listening to them.
salvia divinorum

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